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By: Dave

Apr 07 2007

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Songfest 07 was pretty much a blast. It’s good enough to convince wx jn and sam to go for dancefest if there is one. (: I saw the whole of the syf indian dance for the first time and I think they’re pretty good since its post syf. I’m  secertly relieved I abandoned the thought of joining indian dance when I felt track was already hopeless since dancing for an audience is possibly the top few things on my list of phobia. 😀

I spoke to Ms Barnabas finally. It seems that whatever Mr dizay decided has been in place and not touched by the new track ICs. So I can’t do anything than watch in vain. Not. I’ll just wipe that smug off the little twat. I mean who can be more hateful than this? I’m just glad I’m let off the hook because seeing a fuck face thrice a week is rather intolerable. ):

Ok I ran out of things to rant. Till then. (:


2 comments on “Blah blah blah.”

  1. Hey dave!! =)

    is track realli DAT bad now?
    i haven went back cuz there aint any reason anymore to go back..

    it’s like..
    i was onli once a capt.
    once gone, immediately forgotten.

    but owells, we all hav to move on in life i guess..

    juz popping by to say take cares!

  2. Oh crystal, don’t say that! All of us know you’re the best captain. (: Srsly, you’ve done a lot more than any others have done or are doing. I had to tell Ms Barnabas how different admin things were handled when you were around when I was comparinf situations now and then. Btw, the fuck face does not refer to Ms B. just fyi. Track is really in a dire state now. The turn-out/attendance is crappy and ppl tend to boss ard more than they shld. ): You’re not once a captain and forgotten because every sucky training reminds us of the days when you were in charge instead. Oh well…
    Take care!

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