I don’t know

So its a a Tuesday which means I survived Monday’s moodiness and Tuesday’s horrible timetable. Honestly, I dislike the way we’re coerced into doing chemistry after school. I’m inflexible for one and I am really too lazy to think about year 1 work. There’s only so much that I remember and to recover whatever taught last year is a big pain in the ass. So I think for Tuesdays in the future, I would just pose loads of questions for her to explain to me then I don’t have to sit down and do tys. Boring.

I don’t know how the junior thought/felt but when Elvis asked if he’s the very fast runner around it really scares me. I know I’m slow to begin with but for the less than mediocre athletes like me, the only opportunity to ever ‘shine’ with a little more ego perhaps would be during the college’s track and field meet. The nationals in my case is usually dependent on the team’s availability of 4by1 team mates but individual events are just out of my league. ): If I train really hard maybe I might break the 12s barrier. This, I’m convinced because Fabian has proven it. Oh screw it, track things annoy and bother me whenever events approach because there’s zero confidence. There was never an expectation to live up to because I don’t even see any quality in myself, needless to mention others. Just let me wallow in this self-pity cos’ I’m too stressed up. ):

Initially, I planned to go down tmr since I don’t want to die and regret on 9 May. Then I remembered I have Econs test the foloowing day so training would be way out of mind because I have heaps to clear for the content part. Mrs Loh expects 15-20 for essays and 15 for case study. I have higher expectations for myself because if I’m going to get an A for anything it would probably be Econs/Bio than Chem. The people who can comprehend chem and math are like the true smart shits. Econs and Bio is like nothing compared to these two subjects, in my opinion that is.

Basically, I’m just typing away hoping I don’t have to stop because the thought of going through that thick binded booklet of Macro Econs keeps lurking and my brains are already very drained.

Maybe I’m just tired and emotional.


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