Heats tmr.

Tuesdays are always nonsense. I probably said that a million times. For some reason, despite turning in exceptionally early last night, I couldn’t live through GP. It better be because of the very boring topic on globalisation. It is so fucking dry I swear there’s nothing interesting about it. Before smart holes try to correct me, I mean nothing intersting in a non-intellectual manner. I rather attend something that requires less probing into issues that our ministers and economists deal with. Snorts.

Mdm Yang, the relief for Mr Kkk is like 9million times better than Kkk himself. If I actually understand Math then that teacher is godlight. I had the inclination to just pon Math since it’s the last period of the day – although not very technically – and I’m the last person from the class who is still going for the Math tutorial. If Amantha asnd Pinyi don’t go for a particular lesson, it usually means nobody else would go. To think of it, I actually have very low pon rate. (: This must be te transition state to the becoming of a mugger. Heh.

By the way, I think school is damn lame to get us down for fire drill right at the start of a god damn break after the most boring SPE lesson ever. please tell me a reason why long jumpers exist becasue it’s so boring and boring that even sprints seem more cometitively interesting – and at least high jumps is like gracefully competitive.

Anyway, Friday would be so screwed because the 200m heats have to clash with the NEFMQ (National Econs Fund Management Quiz) training session and so I’ve got to miss a little bit of the training session, get down to run, get back to fund quiz thing and then back to track for training. Thanks ar. I wasn’t given the chance to run at another time because the accepted excuse would only be if you’re representing college for some Nationals on the day. ): Oh yea, Arisga said his classmate is fast and I can feel my stomach flip as I type this. There seems to be more than enough obstacles to be the ind male champ for the tnf meet just when I thought finally, with Fabian, Andrew and Tun Gene’s graduation I can finally win something. My pessimism isn’t helping either. Tsktsk.


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