Slow piece of shit

By: Dave

Apr 18 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I should really consider quitting track. I already lost my drive, motivation, momentum, inspiration and reason to compete. And to top it off, I just fucking came in 2nd for my heats. I have zero confidence and half the time was spent looking out for the top runners of each heat. Thanks. I thank the fucking lungs that decided to give up on my last year to perform and stupid genes that are responsible for that damn condition. Let me wallow in self-pity. I may emerge stronger. Is this the usual reaction of the loser athlete? ):


4 comments on “Slow piece of shit”

  1. Cheer up David.
    Yes yes competition is good. It’ll make you stronger.
    Don’t worry. Ya would always be the fastest runner I know.
    : )

  2. (:
    thanks. I understand ur gd intentions. (:

  3. Hahahaha! So cute ahh your picture.
    And what font is this eh? It’s quite nice.

  4. Actually I dunno the font. Haha…
    The picture is the only one tt looks near normal in my computer so I used it. x)

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