Flu not flew.

By: Dave

Apr 19 2007

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It is really quite an information overload session as Ivan put it. GP lesson was way too boring towards the end with the screening of some 2006 rewind show concerning discoveries and breakthroughs in the fields of science and technology. Thankfully, they day may be long but it’s a pretty light day. (: The weather is really arresting our defense systems as we fall prey to the harsh conditions the past week. Flu just decided to invade me and rk got some cough/flu/fever combination. First it annoys me with water running out of my nose which doesn’t help the appetite when you realise that some would possibly fall into your plate of char kway tiao. Secondly, it makes me panic even before tomorrow comes. What if I choke on my own mucus or something. Hahahas. It sounds awfully funny but if it really happens I wouldn’t forgive this damn flu or rather the very lousy immune system that is taking more than 24h to win this biological battle. ): Please don’t be too hot tomorrow.

 I know charlatans always lose so let’s watch it tomorrow. (:


One comment on “Flu not flew.”

  1. get well soon bitch=)
    i wanna meet your iPod soon. Heh.

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