The weather sucks. So does 200.

By: Dave

Apr 20 2007

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Ok screw the weather. It is so muthafucking hot I’m sweating like 3/4 of the day. The only positive thing I can think of is my unintended tan under the hot hot sun these days because of going earlier before the heats. The blazing sun is way unforgiving leaving this watch mark on my wrist after I removed my watch in the evening. 200m heats done and screwed. No thanks to flu and choked phlegm and weak feeble legs that almost got me DSQ when I wobble my way towards the finish line with this ex TK tracker closing up behind me. In fact it was so bad that weimin said the rest of the lot were closing up the gap when I wobbled. The word wobble reminds me of fats. I am not exactly fat but my thighs comprise of nothing like that of a sprinter – muscles and all. ): Anyway it’s damn embarassing today because I used starting blocks and I’m still slow. This is so fucking annoying. Ah, I should just pat myself for coming 1st in the heats although none of the other trackers were in the same heats. I mean Singaporeans esp students today have been brought up such that we don’t praise ourselves and get trapped under stress because we never seem to be performing. Truth is, we never noticed the little things.

Ms Nora spoke to us about giving ourselves a break when we feel the need because she noticed how sleepy and dead some of the j2s are this year. She mentioned about spedning time with loved ones and who you are close to. I truly appreciate time taken for her to share with us her thoughts because other than it being a friday and we’re too dead to absorb anything, she also enlightened/reminded us life is not about this damn paperchase. Sorry but this fucking paperchase is damn stupid although we’re all unfortunately part of it already. )): Then I was like it’s been a quite a long time since s08 went to pizza hut. Thankfully the bbq is coming up and we’re getting the teachers we have in common to join us. (: I bet all of us who are sane and sociable look forward to it. (:

Anyway Friday is love. And I’m going to watch Ugly Betty. Sam’s passing to me episodes 18 and 19 and I’m like still at episode 4?!


One comment on “The weather sucks. So does 200.”

  1. Call me if you’re going to Pizza Hut! Hehehe.
    Then we can drink our pepsi with cheese.

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