Some photos. (:

By: Dave

Apr 21 2007

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This is from Jehanne. It’s the drink Ella had on hanakimi. Then I went home to check episode 2 and saw hers had some other green fruit other than lemon. Hahahas.. But it’s really nice for soda water since soda water usually leaves an urgh impression on me. 😀

Taken during Songfest – the Indian dance for their SYF. As you can see, Su looks ready a warrior; to pounce on men. Not conservative at all! :p

The afternoon before songfest, me, wx, jn and sam went to Ikea for lunch/dinner. And I was bored so I took Giant which isn’t too supermarket looking. Maybe that’s got to do with it being a one-level hypermarket or smth.

I am still proud of this tee. Much in a very egoistic way. I don’t wear this in school anymore because I don’t have the guts nor the quality. And the current trackers would sneer at the slogan. I mean this one really slaps you more than ‘Bite my dust’ yea?


2 comments on “Some photos. (:”

  1. Let’s go IKEA again!
    Oye before you go to army and after your A’s, go out with me a lot okay!

  2. Definitely!!! Oh my god we must like party and go crazy! And eat fried marsbar-s and all kinds of chocolates. Squeeze cheese into our mouth too! omg. I’m so excited now alr. Hahahhas!

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