Heats’ Timings

By: Dave

Apr 23 2007

Category: Uncategorized


And they’re purely shit. No other ‘contaminants’ but shit.

Like fuck. I can’t believe a non-tracker came in 1st for heats. At least I expected Cheesheng to do so. Sighs.

And I’m like 4th? Hello? Is it like fatty thighs’ fault or shin splints or no starting blocks or mid-d spikes or what. )):

I hope the school timers screwed up cos my 200m is like so wols.

I’ve been slacking too much I guess. And eating too much eggs w/ yolk. Ppl, snatch my egg yolk and dump it in the dustbin next time pls. Arrrrrrrr. D:


2 comments on “Heats’ Timings”

  1. I dont want to eat fattening food too. : (

  2. But they seem to be the most tempting ones always huh! Can’t healthy food be damn delicious?! We shld specialise in this research and earn big bucks. The wrld wld bow dwn to our innovation! And it’s better than deriving some stupid math formula. :p

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