Bio test was kinda nonsense today. Yea, the nonsense is from what I wrote. I suck very badly at certain concepts and I’m very embarassed by Su when she said I’m Bio pro. Who wouldn’t want to do damn well for a certain subject anyway? But it comes with so much pressure to keep your results of a standard and your work a quality. And being normal, sometimes I just want to fling my notes out of the window and run down the corner of the streets. Anyway, the test is screwed. ):

I’m growing to dislike Chemistry more than ever. Between me and Su, it’s like inverse proportion in the sense that as I hate it more than ever, she’s loving it. Hahahas, I must have some score unsettled with some chemist or Chem god in my last. If I screwed Bio test after sitting for it, I know I am screwing big time for Chem equilibria test tmr because I’ve got wonderful brain block and my mind refuse to read through the notes. Where the hell did the mugging machinery go. It must be latent. Rofl.

I developed worse albeit still mild shin splints today when I trained. I am so screwed. Everything seems to be falling out of my plans. Fuck.


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