Testisfullofshit. No, I don’t mean the nuts. :p

By: Dave

Apr 25 2007

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Shin splints are a common, often seasonal injury that usually occurs when you start to run after a long layoff. They can also result from playing a sport (such as tennis) on a hard surface, changing your style of workout shoes, dramatically increasing workouts, or gaining a substantial amount of weight and then exercising.

 You have no idea how I laughed when I saw this. I know it’s pretty serious because if that is true then I really need to shed off some of that 6kilos. I know I’m thin and I dun really care if I gained some muscles mass but too much wld be bad for shin. Besides, it’s obviously not muscles mass that I gained.

Econs essay was a fluke. I know many didn’t make it and I shld be more than happy to pass. Then again, I’m 1m away frm expectation set by Mrs Loh. ): Chem test pretty okay today. Not as bloody as I thought it would turn out to be. I got back GP essay and it’s like 27? Slightly better than average and I was thinking Ms Young has be damn lenient when she went through my script. But I found out from Ryan that his essay got like 29? And it’s considered normal grade. If Ms Young is in fact lenient, I am so fucking screwed for GP. And today’s test was nonsense yet again. Weimin and yat stole my idea of using the VT massacre. Like seriously, it would be damn cliched because of that can.

I realised I just keep posting about tests. Such a muthafecking boring life. ):


One comment on “Testisfullofshit. No, I don’t mean the nuts. :p”

  1. If you screwed up for that gp test, WHAT ABOUT ME. OH MY GP GRADE !!!
    My overall mark is what i usually get for CONTENT itself can ? Wahlao. Then the last gp test also off point. Zzz. Die la. Losing the flares – no spelling mistake here, flare, not flair.

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