Illness aplenty. ):

I am having this splitting headache with the flu that refuses to go away even after taking Piriton from Shuyun. Then I had cough with migraine which worsened in the afternoon. Lastly, fever which can’t miss accompanying the bout of illness that just befall on me. Thanks huh. ):

Thankfully Shuyun’s Vitaxicam Gel came in handy and its supposedly anti-inflammatory so it works like antihistamines which act against chemokines and histamines. Hahahhas. Ok I was like trying to apply Bio in real life. Damn, the chapter on Genetics of Virus and Bacteria seems way way more interesting and applicable than some crappy photosynthesis. I know I eat like vegetables but that’s beside the point. x0

The P is coming in tomorrow for observation for our Bio class and man is Ms Nora like prepared or what. You somehow have to agree that the world is a stage.

p.s. Ms Nora, if you do read my blog, I know how you search for entries of your students. Ahem… technorati. :p

It’s okay cos my really vulgar entries with the killing intent are all private. (:


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