Tag: List to success

Ok, I’ve been tagged by Cheng Hsuan. I don’t really know if this is suppose to be the things I need to do or the things I would want to be considered successful. Anyway I’ll have a mixture of both.

  1. Enjoy weekends fully (ok, w/o forgetting some time to mug)
  2. Mug hard
  3. Play hard while I still can at this age.
  4. Go a little crazy and do the more crazy things.
  5. Get into NUS. (do smth with biological sciences, say Bacteriology?)
  6. Let music and sports occupy some parts of my life
  7. Train very hard and get into Nationals top 8. (:
  8. Be very athletic.
  9. Eat! Pasta, cheese, chocolate, yogurt, pizza. And junkfood!
  10. Don’t squeeze time for friends and families, let them take up your time.

Who should do: Anybody


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