Track and field meet ’07

It isn’t the most exciting event of the year although the past track and field meets I’ve been involved in would invlude winning and pride with lots of ego plastered on the face and naturally, our track tees. Unfortunately, with the breakdown of the team (as compared to what we originally were then) we didn’t emerge as the cca that own the event. Sadly, 100m finals is no longer hogged by trackers. And not too surprisingly, passion for running and getting out of breath by the finishing line is running out of flames. It isn’t an exciting event because it would be normal to enjoy it if there are large groups of people to associate with on this day. The people I know have left, the track team I know better has largely graduated and the rest of the class didn’t make it to the lights of a less typical school day.

I don’t blame anyone. Although I told my bro that it would definitely be less depressing to lose 100m with a class of people to talk and immerse in the simple joy of being together, I still find the whole event uninteresting because of very significant things like trackers whom I dominate with during the last tnf meet. And of course a coach that would psychologically support us at least.

It is nonetheless depressing enough to lose. Of course we all must learn to lose to win but when we get so used to losing because passion dies out and the burst is no longer there, would there still be a chance to win? To hit rebound?

Raj said he’s taking on the Nationals this year. Frankly, anyone would be surprised how well he said it despite his medical problems and thus long break from training. If passion is still here and the desire and discipline to win or at least perform is still there, I may stand a chance. After all, I did not eventually give up (so far) after all the shit that happened to my body.

In any case, I just want to start training again. Ms Barnabas was kind enough to not probe too much into my absence for the last two sessions. While it is amusing how she bothers to say such things to me before an event, it is a rather big consolation to realise that somehow, I am actually significant. Because, it is only normal – and nobody can blame this – for coaches to only notice the better athletes.

Oh well.

Pizza hut with Amantha, Pinyi and sy after sports day. I still love pasta and cannot get enough of it. But we have decided to visit the Bedok branch from now onwards. The one at TM is very annoying. Bad service and small quantity of food servings. Perhaps we would get MORE pasta from elsewhere. (: Although I really hope minestrone at Bedok would have the Fiscilli (that spring-like macaroni/pasta thingy) and the crotons thing cos that’s the new thing at TM Pizza Hut.

It’s hard to believe me, some things aren’t easy.


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