Why weekends are so screwed.

  1. I sleep till at least 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. There are shows on tv and the computer which I don’t watch enough on weekdays.
  3. The computer keeps calling my name; so does my bed.
  4. I only realise the long list of things on Sunday afternoons.
  5. My concentration span is about the life time of morning dew.
  6. On Saturdays, there’s always Sunday.
  7. On Sundays, there’s always Monday after school before track.
  8. I don’t get to go out and let my (short) hair down, not literally – duh

Anyway, tmr is Monday. By right, I should be upset since Monday is often painted blue – in fact dark blue thanks to 5 periods of chem. Thankfully, there’s chem spa tmr so we’ll prolly only have one period of chem tutorial which is oh-my-goodness-thank-my-holy-mama. ((: Moreover, we’re going to that yumyum tree place after school for bites. Although it sucks that we’ll still have to get back after that. Who cares. Monday is going to be happy food and that’s enough to make me wake up early and reach school in time. :p


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