Been a while

I managed to find Return of the Condor Heroes frm Veoh and they have every episode! I never ever got to watch the series in my younger days and I only manage to read a bit of the comic. Now I’ve finally watched the entire series I say its pretty cool although certain things which you’ve always wanted tend to disappoint you when you finally get it. They give this ‘that’s-about-it’ kinda impression. ): The opening theme is damn cheena and I can’t believe I have it on my ipod. Okay, I can’t believe I have more recent chinese songs updated on my ipod. All the new songs frm the US Billboard suck big time. They don’t have a god damn tune and it’s rapping with loads of nonesense in between their teeth.

Thanks to Econs lecture, I actually watched 200 pounds beauty. Usually movies try to do the right thing, the morally and politically approved by civic-minded societies but this one seem to cover up for plastic surgery. It’s definitely touching to see how a fat ugly girl confess in her new body to the world. Anyway it’s worth the watch even though my intelligence is only so low that I can’t even comprehend the part where the male lead was talking to the bitch Ammy in the toilet. D:

Track training has not been intense. We’re seriously suppose to do all the sets without any compromising. Most of the times we halve the given schedule. Glen has finally showed up but Shawn is still MIA. 2nd week’s sch lessons isn’t helping either. We’ll have to miss a lot of training and there isn’t even time for the time trials. Speaking of which. The New Balance co. is really inefficient. They take 2 million years to send down samples of the jersey. Till now we have not settled the jersey needless to mention printing. And nobody seem to be designing the damn font thingo for the print co. to make the block. Imagine running in PE tee on the fiery red track. That green certainly doesn’t match the red of the track. Hah.

Food has been pretty well flowing into my happy arms this vacation. Cheese macaroni really rock even when it’s the instant kind. It’s so cheesy/creamy only few won’t get sick of it. That is probably the reason I lament about how non-intense our training it. Getting dragged down by fats before the Nationals even start is such a joke. x0


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