Okay so Monday wasn’t too blue. Ms Huang is happy that our class has better average/passes than her other 2 classes. I mean given our class size we have more passes, it’s seriously rare. I passed the paper. (: But Sam’s still the chem goddess eh. 😀 As expected, Ms Sha’s lecture always end earlier than the stipulated timing. I know what is Gel Electophoresis! I don’t know if the secondary school peeps still drop by but we went to NYP for some life science course in sec2 when they showed us the process using our own cheek cells. 

I don’t like campus superstar. Stardom for the kids especially those in the more elite schools already can be rather depressing for the untalented like us. It explains the voices from bathrooms all over singapore in the mornings. Hah.

Anyway I made a grave mistake by asking Mrs Loh a question in mass tutorial. As usual, she just tell me it depends yadda yadda. Honestly, can’t we be given one example in brief at least for reference when faced with a different scenario? ):  Today’s the worst of the week but it isn’t as deadly as what I had in mind – dozing off in the LT and falling off the chair. I think the class destresses me probably because when we eat out/tgt there’s a lot more things to distract ourselves.


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