Such a joke

The common test is such a joke. I mean seriously why do we stuff ourselves with so much to learn. Why don’t the teachers tell us straight in our faces that you porbably can’t cover everything so select topics that you’re weaker at or smth. Ok it’s not their fault but I think it’s a big joke that I have not touched Econs AT ALL. It is now 10+pm and I’m like a few hours away from the start of the common tests. I’m thinking of skipping Econs. I can’t even finish a single subject cos the amount to cover is way too vast. To think that we have to dig into many year 1 topics and I don’t exactly know how to do that in the shortest time possible. I mean 1st week is just crap. 2nd week is all that crappy holiday makeup classes. 3d week we warm up the engines and get things moving and before we know it 4th week is here and panic button after being pressed multiple times has failed its purpose. And track! I don’t even want to start about it because it will be a novel. ):

I’m sucha failure.


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