All the reminders

So common test started already and would end with one last paper on Friday. Thank goodness. I don’t know why the college decides to change it to mid year exams. If they tink that’s one way to make students here get serious with the papers then its right and wrong. Yea exams sound way tougher a cookie than tests but it doesn’t prove effective if they’re never going to make reformations on how things are taught. For instance how serveral econs lectures (not the lecturers) seem to be negligible to what we’ll be writing in the papers. And God knows globalisation is taught so <insert any negative word> I’ll need to outsource – yes that’s about the only thing I learnt then.

The Chem essay paper made the grand opening to the common test and slapped us right smack in the face. After spending relatively more time on chem then any other sub (not that I spend that much time on either sub) I regret to say it’s probably the worse paper ever done this common test. I didn’t study econs other than the night before and trade policies and its yadda yadda is not in my head so I cant churn out any rubbish that may diguise itself as decent economic knowledge. The biggest paper I fucked is Biology. ): Thanks to the vast amount of chapters we have to cover and how the school atually tested most j1 topics in section B which I fucked big time when I decided to skip 3 topics. Surprisingly, Math is less alien than before. The classroom’s power supply suddenly cut off for some reason and we’re granted extra 10minutes which I didn’t realise until Mr Kok announced it at the very last minute. I must be very focused to not notice when he wrote it on the board! 😀

Anyway when Cikgu sees our results she’ll probably yank her hair outta her head. I’m sure she together with my parents will be reminding me that A levels is like less than how many months left etc etc. Although they don’t speak of it to me directly, I know mum wants to blame my track committments for any devastating grades. Anyway the news about Thaddeus’s death after the triathlon came out in the chinese papers and they claimed its due to over-exertion of the body or is it excessive training, I’m not sure of the translation thanks to my chinese. I tried to argue with mum about it cause the Straits Times only said investigations are still going on. So she said if I don’t listen, I’ll regret and stuff like that. urgh.

On a lighter note, training resumes this Friday and damn it we have some serious work to do and nationals starts next Thursday for holy sake. I think I’ll call up those relay people esp Shawn. I can’t believe how many times he stood me up. The vest is finally here. It better look nice with the printing after I spent 4563217895 days getting it all fixed.


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