Of all times.

By: Dave

Jul 01 2007

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The papers are finally over. I don’t get the orgasmic hey-this-feels-damn-good-like-a-stone-off-my-heart, prolly because I didn’t feel pressurized to begin with – more like dreading the whole process of each and every paper. Anyhow, it’s over! (: As for the outcome, let’s just say I’m not looking forward to Tuesday and onwards. Hah.

After chem, everyone filled out of the hall but I’ve got training. I don’t hate but after the last paper I think we just want to go home and sleep for the next 24 hours or go chill out in town or smth.

Training wasn’t good. Shawn and Glen’s can’t train. Cs twisted his leg or ankle, I had the best thing ever; cramps. Good ol’ Charlie’s Horse. The last time it attacked was last year when I sprung out of bed in the middle of the night making a silent scream with an O shaped mouth. I need Arnica Gel but it sound damn foreign and I’m not sure if I can get it over the counter. Of all times this has to happen now. If this doesn’t recover I can’t train tmr and risk aggravating the already swollen muscles.

There’s a new coach/ic – Mr Hafiz. Although its a tad too late now tt it’s one week from Nationals, let’s pray he’s the miracle for the relays and the lousy attendance/attitude during training. yea, I skipped the last one but it’s the 1st ever since I returned from my op. Okay, excuses and more. I don’t really know how to deal with this anymore. Now, it all seems better to have khairul/Andrew mentality: just train, just run. (:


I met up with Pillai who needed to meet up with his newly aquainted vocation friend in the army as they need to get this list of weird things from the Army Shop. Alas, he’s as ex-tpjcian and from Bryan’s class too. A pretty damn small world we live in huh.

p.s. Finally finished season 3 of Charmed and the ending is so fucking abrupt I felt like a retard watching it till 5am. ): I can’t wait to get season 4 now. 😀


4 comments on “Of all times.”

  1. OMG DAVID YOU HAVE TO CONVERT S3 FOR MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just KNEW you’d hate the ending for S3, Haha… See you soon bitch=)

  2. lols. Yea it sucks like shit. I don’t even understand why Prue died? I thought Piper was knocked out too? Stupid.

  3. They say that Leo came back but only had time to save one of them and cos he love Piper, he chose to save her instead. Or sth liddat. I read it somewhere. Heh.

  4. Tsk so confusing. Hahahas. I think I shld go find the site and read or smth. I think I love second hand serenade!! OMG their songs damn nice. I damn backdated la or what you call someone who doesn’t know such a good band’s existence? Mountain tortise? Hahaha!

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