Who dreads.

All in my shoes would run away in the very same pair. Unfortunately Youth Day is only one damn day and this school doesn’t has marking days perhaps because there’s nth much to mark anyway, so we’re back to classrooms and lectures tmr. ):

As usual relay training cannot take place. I think it’s fucking screwed up and would be fucking disastrous when we try to squeeze everything tmr. And tmr is our 1st and last trg so if it doesn’t go well and we don’t clock at least forty-five then too bad. We can kiss other relay teams’ ass when we crawl towards the finish line. ):

My ipod video shuffled to a nostalgic song. One tt I had ringing in my head last nationals in which I promised myself to make the last race more glorious than the previous. At this point I should smile that I’ve come this far and am ready to face it. But.


Such a sorrowful state of self-pity and disappointment.


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