Somethings aren’t to be. NOT.

I’m glad the whole team finally assembled. We’re talking about a relay team and it’s only 4 people. Although it took a long time for us to finally have this training at least we all ran at the end of the day. Timing’s not fantastic but I think we may just pull it off assuming passing’s perfect and our injuries don’t get into our way. Yes, today was the day where we completed the circle of injury. Glen got his Charlie’s Horse like I did last Friday. Sighs.

Am I doing a Fabian here? I’mt he one running ard trying to get the fellow team mates to train for the relays yet they all seem so reluctant. I can’t blame them, if the injuries develop, we’ll not make it for sure – even possible to turn into a permanent one. I really want to complete the race with pride and glory (no pun intended if you get what I mean). I want to be at the stadium on the 19th as a competitor with the fellow team mates. Oh well. So much for being emo.


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