What the fuck

Seriously. How can I be so damn fucking slow. When I saw the timings on the spreadsheet I froze la. Like literally froze and just went blank into a state of vacuum for moments until some random excited sprinter pushed me aside to check his own timing. This is the worst I’ve done ever in my 3 yrs as a tracker. I swear/vow to do whatever it takes to correct this. Anyway I spoke to Mrs Barnabas about Swift and its the perfect avenue to train. Its damn embarassing man. The less disturbing fact is that I’m not last in my heats. But honestly the tj sprinter next to me is seriously not fast. I’m damn scared I’ll be the black sheep of the relay team tmr. ): We stand a pretty gd chance for 4by1 tmr given the 100m layout/results we see today. Oh well.

Anyway mum is damn lame. She thinks tt just because I didn’t drink some herb thing in the morning, I have a reason to be so slow. And she said that you’re no. 8 (lane 8) and you came in 7th, not bad what. Sighs, the family srsly has no sports nor athletic background. I regret not staying in Athletics back in pri sch. I wore this pair of terrible sneakers lookalike pair of brown shoes and came in second okay. Rofl. And there’s no track and field in secondary school then. If only I had been an athlete from the days as a kid, I would hv been pruned and moulded into a better athlete unlike today where I crawl like a loser. ):

I heard I passed math. It was good news until I heard I merely just passed. And I thought the paper is manageable. This sucks la. Oh heck, tmr’s the relays and I need to wake up at some 5.30 pls. Crazy shit.


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