By: Dave

Jul 05 2007

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Yes the young one has surfaced and she denied to grant me more time for my gp assignment. I know it’s holiday assignment but honestly considering that GP paper was alr over when our hols start I don’t think any of us prioritized gp assignment over the other H2 subs, no?

Anyway I’m one of the 5 hated ppl that passed GP essay. The rest, if you read this don’t kill me. I don’t think this marking is as precise and accurate as it can be. I mean, essays although follow a certain marking guideline, is still subjective to the marker. Sometimes you very suay get the marker that don’t agree with ur ideologies or analogies. Besides all our passes are terrible ones esp mine which is a mere pathetic pass and the only reason I passed this time is because my conclusion saved my ass. The topic sentences and interpretation of the essay question is as screwed up as the rest of the cohort goes – at least for the damn sci/tech question.

Mrs Loh said I srsly need to buck up for econs. I hate to remind you and me that I studied it the night before. 67546548 things on macro econs squeezed in 2 hours and it’s not like I even bothered. I just did because its like a standard procedure when you didn’t prepare for a paper. Although it seem like a good enough excuse for the terrible results up and coming, I have no idea if this excuse works with parents.

To su if you read this, don’t be so stressed la. And the replica of j1 CT result is impossible. Like I said for one, math confirm you can’t get a U. If not I’m very screwed.

And abt 100m tmr, I’m in lane 8. Yes very near the ‘supporters’ who would be yelling their ass off at a someone who wears new balance jersey tt finally crossed the finish line after the sun sets. Sighs. Thank you for the well-wishes but I havent been training efficiently and consistently to even cross the heats. Oh man.


2 comments on “Young”

  1. hey!

    I’m nt that stressed now. I’ve been tlaking to my mum)can u believe it?) and she’s been a great suppport. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine for your relays.

  2. Thanks for the support. (: And gd to hear u’re not tt stressed. Altho as I type nw it’s prolly otherwise since we got back all the crap today.

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