Thank you God

Thank you God for giving me and the relay team an opportunity to correct all the loopholes and mistakes. When I ran the stupid curve I thought it’s damn lousy. For lord’s sake I can’t hug the curve at all. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m way too anxious so it became like just whack and see what happens. Honestly when we finished the relays it felt sub-standard. It is obviously better than the one and only trial we did where we clocked this funny timing and I even sticked out the wrong arm. I think that was the biggest joke in a relay race. (Ok other than the fact that someone ran with a handphone in his hand during relays. That’s what I heard today in the call room.) When they announced the results, I was way overjoyed and after congratulating Glen and Chee Sheng who were nearby, I was frantically looking for Shawn – star athlete and all. Heh. I’m glad we did Mrs Barnabas and Mr Hafiz proud. 

Anyway, I’m just damn happy that we would be able to do smth abt the relays before the finals. 😀


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