Melancholy of a monday.

By: Dave

Jul 09 2007

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It’s the worst day ever. I don’t even remember any other day as bad as this.

Firstly, my Chemistry is a fluke. It’s a big fat lie. I don’t know what’s wrong and this really sucks. Econs was worse. I never did so badly before. My worst was a C. Yet now this sort of crappy marks. I know I deserve thisslap in the face as I tried to pull off thinking I can do well again. And it srsly sucks to know that we’re prolly collecting bio in the next 2 days and I absolutely have nth to look fwd to in that paper. Unlike the past where it’s the paper where all my hopes lie, where it compensate all the shit results from any other paper. This time, it’s different.

What can be worse than knowing such pathetic results are going to be collected by my parents. They’ll be damn disappointed. I think I’m damn unfilial and I don’t deserve their love or care. It’s like I’m a freeloader, worse – a parasite. But I’m wrong. Knowing the faceless results aren’t the worse yet. My worst fear for 4×1 relays has just returned to haunt me. All that effort training in the june hols forsaking my studies and then running tgt as a team and qualifying for finals, is going to be robbed from me. All these times taking over the duties of a captain and secretary, getting the jersey and printing done, I don’t know whatever it is for now. Like Hem said, I’ve waited for this chance to run in the finals for 3 years but now…

Then Shawn has ideas to leave the team. I don’t know what kind of a relay team we are if he leaves. We’ll be thrashed like fuck. And during my efforts to convince him, some cheap pe teacher who has a damanged throat with a helluva lousy slang and terrible tummy plus fugly face has to play the racist role. Other colleges has the scho spirit unlike ours where we have a loser teacher who thinks tt he owns his cca members, stopping them by all means from joining track. What has MOE taught you, you disgusting decadent. You’re a true blue phony.


That aside, there’s 200m tmr. I have to live throughout the race. If I get murdered in the run and the timings are relatively inferior, it’ll be a one way ticket out of the relay team and I’ll join the ranks of the reserves warming up but never ever getting the chance to run. It really sucks. I’m not being mean but I had enough being a reserve last year.

182. For the win, for the relays and for myself. I’ll live this one.


4 comments on “Melancholy of a monday.”

  1. heyo. take care. you sound stressed out and depressed. this is bloody weird (like our JCs are competing against each other what) but all the best for nats!

  2. hey! No its not weird, hahas. RJ has been owning so many events and that’s cool. Your sprinters really frighten me. lols. And thanks! I’m not as stressed now. We just got to accept that A levels isn’t exactly the most exciting event of the year. ((: All the best for your track team too!

  3. Nordin ? He’s going to soccer ? Lol. Bad move.

  4. Hahahas. I didn’t say who it is! :p

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