What’s amusing.

I qualified 200m. (: Initially I thought there wasn’t a chance to at all but outside the call room I heard officials saying there’s only 28 people and 24 would qualify. So I became hopeful. After I found out I’m the last qualifier, it felt embarassing because I would be 24/28 which is sadness. But later I found out from the result list that there were 36 ppl. So last qualifier became quite a feat still. Hah! But I don’t know how I’m going to run tmr. I really don’t want to come in last. 😀

The best thing’s I’m selected as for 4×400 relays tmr. The 200 is like an hour after the 4×4. LACTIC!!! I think I’ll become Mr Elastic tmr and stretch all those aches away. I’m honoured to run but it isn’t exactly a good thing when my 400 is the slowest in the team. Besides, our 4×4 isn’t very strong to begin with. I need divine intervention to live the race.

Anyway Cikgu is damn funny. When I told her I’m glad I wasn’t last in my 200m heats, she told me to put it down in my sgc. x) I think that’s the only positive thing I can think of school right now. Academic performance is way too emphasised on our little red dot. Everyone’s being chased like wild ducks into a cage called the Prelims/A levels. And it sucks to know that we j2 trackers can’t find time and attitude to balance both especially in this last stretch of our race for nationals. I dozed off in Econs and Mrs Loh thinks I’m sick. In a way it’s relieving because she didn’t get mad (not like she actually will) but it also means she knows I wasn’t tired because I study. Tsze Ping even told me that when I was away at Nationals Mrs Loh became worried for me as I can’t catch up on lessons missed.

I wanted to get a good afternoon sleep because I’m turning into a walking zombie with zero intelligence. But I ran into wenxin, jn and mustika so we went to Changi airport for lunch/food. Mustika is really amusing me. You sucks, mus. :p And egg white tart is a waste of my 85 cents. It made me feel like a ate 3 eggs but didn’t taste as good. I just discovered that Crystal Jade has many different types of outlets that sells different food. I think being a vegetarian makes me like a food-himbo except not good-looking. 😀 We should watch Harry potter and make it the last movie until the prelims and As are over. Omg, this sort of discipline is smth only Amantha can achieve la.

Did I say today was pretty blissful? HAHAHAHAS, okay inside joke.


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