By: Dave

Jul 12 2007

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I think we get toyed by fate all the time. Of all times, why now. Why must something screw up right now damn it. I think Shawn would hate me for a life time for saying all that but honestly, why should I bother if he doesn’t want to stay in track. Why shld I care since I won’t be ard next yr. This is where the spirit to fight this injustice comes into place – even at the expense of a friendship. Sighs. Shawn, I really hope you make the right choice. There so many places for that sport but track isn’t something you can do all the time. It isn’t walking over to some field/bball court with some ball. That, you can do it anywhere else anytime but your speed has a  lifespan and when you’re over the peak, you may regret. May is not an understatement here.


Anyway I’m seriously forgetful. I didn;t bring the jersey to cck stadium so I had to run in the track tee which thank god isn’t too proud or shabby. I did a pb for 400m in the 4×4. 4×4 relays really suck the shit outta me. Lactic acid must be damn acidic cos I can’t feel my thighs after the run and all the cells are like shrieking in pain. We didn’t qualify. But at least I know it’s not my fault bcos I really did my best and that’s what they asked for. 200m was fine. I didn’t come in last overall. For some reason I beat the IJ and SA guys even though I’m the last qualifier. I’m satisfied cos I never thought I wld come this far into semis and being able to beat 2 others with just some 40mins rest aft 400m is really beyond my expectations. Yes, I dun really see myself as fast but I’m happy till now.

If 4×1 dies, I’ll really cry. It’s like the whole reason why I even take part in nats even though I know I’m so lousy. ):


2 comments on “Toy”

  1. hmm we should try finding each other at cck stadium. anw you’re not lousy come on, there are many people who don’t even run. and people who run but can’t compete (like me, but that’s ok because this is my first yr in sports). so don’t think you’re lousy i’m pretty sure you’re otherwise (:

  2. hey! hmm but how? There’s like only one last day and that’s the finals of the natioanls. I’m sure you’re good too! Just train and you’ll be competing for RJ for sure. If you’re not selected or smth, that’s just because RJ has way too many champ athletes. That’s why they always keep the track blazing with their names, not that you’re not good. (:

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