Anything can happen

By: Dave

Jul 15 2007

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I rmbr we’re suppose to train on our own during the weekend but all I did was sleep, eat, bake cookies with my bro and play horrible badminton. Firstly, I did make an effort to attempt to train. As odd as the sentence, I did that exactly. I msged like all the relay ppl even the girls but only cs and perrine replied, both of which tied down by some other commitments which I find ridiculous. I know they won’t understand until they are year 2s where it’s their last chance to compete in A div. I can’t bring myself to place any blame on them anyway.

Then bro had his little entrepreneur thingo going on and he had to bake some cookiess so I helped out but both noobs in the kitchen spell disaster. We spend half the time converting ounce to grams then ml and then ounce again because we don’t have ounce readings on our measurement scales unlike those stated int he recipe. And we don’t even know what it means by cream the butter. I ate a lot of the chocolate chips which are meant for the dough before baking, I guess it was a bad idea to buy those ready-to-eat types. Hah. Now you get why I never tried cooking up anything for friends on Valentine’s. One, it’s already very gay to bake, two, it would be inedible.

My arms ache like shat now. I think I’ll srsly fail napfa because of pull ups. I can’t do for nuts. Why isn’t sprinting a test for fitness under napfa? You know, like run as fast as you can when you see enemy approaching? 😀 So with tight hamstrings and aching arms, I had a session of badminton with the religious class ppl in slippers and risked twisting my ankle. How clever. Now my arms are feeling the orgasmic ache when I raise them so you can imagine baton passing tmr. Speaking of which I need to call Shawn later in case he forgets.

You know, school work is really terrible. Nationals are ending and I really don’t want it to end. CCK stadium is more than nostalgic and I want the adrenaline and passion of running there. It’s sad that this running thing has to take a long break after nationals on wednesday. At the same time, I know I have so much school work piling up. For instance, electrochem! What the hell man. I totally busted chemistry in the common tests and I’ve not done this tutorial. Borrring crap.

I read yufang’s blog and I am damn honoured. HAHA! I am not fast man! And don;t say things like you can’t be lousy when there’s me around. In any case, yes I am aware and am proud to be able to run. I know there’s only so much ppl who run and even fewer that compete so I am really grateful I have legs that allow me to run as I like. (: When I see the disabled who can’t even stand up, I’m afraid of what it is like to be in their position. Sports hasn’t been my entire life but it took up my pri sch days until I joined choir (for some poor reasons) and then the college days. Honestly, deep in me I hope Fabian and the rest of the tpj trackers whom I knew would join Swift Club. It sounds quite retarded cos only how many keep running after stepping down? Sometimes a little voice tell me, perhaps all this is what my immature head is thinking and is obviously unrealistic. Oh well.

I skipped Nanyang Concept Test. It’s really quite dumb that I forgot when it is until Friday. Since I didn’t have time to mug anything and most of the chem things in my head have been scattered all over the track as I run, I doubt I’ll scrap through. Besides, even Su skipped the test for Harry Potter. Hah! :p

Mr Hafiz said anything can happen on the finals esp relays. I hope the good things happen for us. So that even if we’re not record breakers or champions, we’re at least a legacy that came and achieved.


4 comments on “Anything can happen”

  1. ahaa i see my name. finals day lor.

  2. hahas, yea! I saw my name on your blog so I must return the honour. Heh. I see if I can find you on finals since RJ has like a contingent dwn there each year. x)

  3. hehh you dont even knw how i look likee.

  4. You too. And you’ll jump out of the stands when you do cos I’m way not the sort of typical athlete, dark tanned and built. I’m thin like I’m malnutritioned and run like a sissy. really! I don’t have the running form and maybe totesterone. (eh it rhymes! lols)

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