How much more burning.

I’m glad school was damn slack today. One helluva thank you to the A levels MTL listening. (: We ended at 12. It wasn’t even early dismissal that I’m happy about, it’s the borrrring lessons. Anyway, I’ve not done all that pile of tutorial and am very happy I now have time to do it. School lessons are such a swirl. I can feel the stress banging on the walls to get past my thick head into the mind for some wake-up call. It would soon end. Nationals is tmr and it’ll be the last competitive race before A levels and the mugging comes running. I think I did a major screw up for the common tests. PTM this saturday and I’m supposed to be down for some meeting with all the habitual latecomers with the P. Actually there’s one tmr but thank God its nationals tmr so I think I get to skip. Eh, I don’t care if they try to force us down for the meeting. They’re trying to ban Huiying and Choyee frm running at the nationals. Seriously, if latecoming is so illegal in the school, they should think about setting priorities. They’re trying too hard with the rules. There’s one big-ass loophole in the rule. Every damn person just need an MC. And suspension is so childish. The DC obviously ran out of ideas.

Anyway, I decided to cast aside the burden to complete some tutorials in the afternoon and went to the airport with jn, sam, wx and su. (: Hershey’s Pie may be damn cheapskate compared to cheesecakes but its damn addictive. Heh.

4by100m finals – CheeSheng Shawn David Glen. Under 44 we must. (:


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