Coming to terms

By: Dave

Jul 18 2007

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I’ve come to accept it.  There are always teams that get DSQ in relays. Mrs Bar. said that now, it just unfortunately was our turn. I was eyeing 3rd so badly. I really wanted this so badly. I had come this far from a mere supporter at finals to reserve and finally a relay team mate/competitor so having an unfinished race as the last song for the nationals is definitely hard to swallow. It felt like I’ve let down the coaches who have been so kind and professional. Mrs Glory Barnabas was a fantastic coach – strict and motherly – it felt like we’re capable of tapping into our potential for the win. Mr Hafiz have been great too, never failing to provide us with drinks and motivation throughout the nationals. Although aft the relays he didn’t say much but I know its very difficult to speak to the fallen ones especially j2s since we don’t have (and won’t want, if you get what I mean) a 2nd chance to rectify our mistakes. I wanted to bring glory to tp and the track so others won’t think we’re just some loser runners who can’t qfy for anything. We really could do under 44. But it ended this way. Shawn, I really sorry. I don’t know what happened to our exchange – probably my arms extension or reaction time to your command. We 2 are the ones tt feel the worst because we know how well were leading and 1st when you reached me. But let’s not give up on athletics. The passion to sprint is innate, just like the sprinter’s ego. I know I won’t give up on track and sprints doesn’t end here. This will not be an excuse to allow myself to move on/pick myself up. Although running in and for a club is a very different experience I desire from college but I know I won’t regret.

We had an unfinished race but we the relays died as champions on the track.

Glen, I’m sorry I couldn’t do the honour of handing the baton to you to complete and say win the race. I know you meant it well when you said you had a great time training with us all this time. But that made me cry. It made me feel that I’ve disappointed the team. Chee Sheng, you were the only male j1 all this while. It sucks to be in your shoes but I’m sure with Shawn around you can do a better job. Its just amazing how you guys remain so calm and optimistic after the relays. Maybe you 2 were holding it back. It was a huge display of embarassment when I cried after the relays. I know this keeps coming back to haunt me because the thoughts of the race refuse to leave, returning every now and then, leaving me with red puffy eyes. But we made a great team. And you guys rocked the relay trainings we had. (:

About the race invite by the prison officers, let me think about it kay. (:


One comment on “Coming to terms”

  1. Hey dave, i duno wad exactly happened but i kinda get the rough idea. True that it’s really a waste, esp when the team and urself would have shone right there, on the track but it’s fine, cuz such things will happen and somehow someone has to be that unfortunate one. Dun be upset, such hipcups are things u cannot control. you probabably didnt even see it coming..

    Instead, be glad it happened, cuz it made u realised how much more u wanted that victory. sometimes, u dun have to literally own dat glory when u noe deep inside u are a winner. those trgs n practises that u had wid the team is enuff to bring out the passion u have for sprinting.

    u guys were close.. n i m proud of you and the team for coming this far.. dun be dishearted n dun lose the passion..

    Keep this experience in ur heart, cuz it is gonna be very dear. N now, focus on ur A’s.. It’s a much bigger hurdle out there awaiting, n u cant afford to screw that up..

    i wun say i understand, cuz i never got that close. but i juz want to say, gd job..give each other a pat on the back, cuz there is no reason to y u shd feel upset for coming this far..

    Take cares.

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