48th Track and Field National Championships

By: Dave

Jul 21 2007

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So this is it – finally over. Not that I look forward to the end of this because I can barely bear to step down, leaving the team officially. I now know I can never completely shake off the love to run – or sprint as a matter of fact. Somehow, the message I got frm Mr yazid last year after Nationals abt being once a tracker, always a tracker – cliched as it sounds, seems more true than ever now. Disappointment is all but a part of experience and I know winning and losing are all great experiences.

To Crystal, I really thank you for your long comment. (: I think its the record. Hah. Rest assured, I won’t possibly lose the passion. And I’m glad you’re proud that we made this far. In fact, remember when we were first got into tpjc, I never thought of joining track? I would never have given it a shot if not for the fact tt you were also in the team. I mean, I would never join if I didn’t know anyone. I guess I owe all these adrenaline-filled/fantastic/lactic-filled experiences to you. (:

I spoke to Mr Hafiz today. It felt a lot better. I know there a whole load of ppl I talked to and they have did all they can to console me but it’s difficult for those not involved to relate to this but they’ve been nice and did whatever they could. Anyway I have to pass NAPHA or whatever the abbreviations are. Like I told him, I would really want to run the SAA relays with cs, glen and shawn next yr. I know there’s implications such as the fact tt me and glen would then be graduates, the team would be under unattached and not tp. And we’re not even sure if Glen and I would have been enlisted. Anyway there’s the All Comer’s and others. I don’t know how come we never signed up for that in the past. Bottom line, to prevent early enlistment, I must pass pull ups. My arms are as. good. as. jelly.


Congratulations Eadelin for breaking pb by 6s. All that crap chicken essence, redbull and what not she ate was scary la. Should have taken soda then she’ll probably break 10s. The girls 4×4 didn’t go too well cos Eadelin couldn’t run after her 800m. It was a pity, they could have beaten tj’s relay team. As for us, I know it’s such a waste. I was the first to recieve the baton in all 8 lanes. We’re not in lane 8 la. Although we were in lane 7, Shawn really gave a very strong lead considering all other teams would place their strongest in the 2nd leg. I finally firgured out what went wrong. Shawn’s not used to passing baton so when he called out, my hand was not ready for him yet. I’m not thinking about whose fault it is as the changes in the legs were last min and we only had one full relay done so we can’t blame anyone but all ourselves. Oh but the feeling after nationals sucked at first but became bittersweet after a long time since. I know I sound like the biggest idiot now because it makes no sense. The only explanation is the experience. It never felt so good. Okay I’m confusing you. 😀

I wanted to have track dinner that day but we ended up with track lunch at Pizza Hut. It felt damn good. I never saw the team from that angle. We never really gathered and bonded after mryazid left. And I’m glad we had lunch as a team cos we all know it’s impossible to get us down after nats when we felt less hyper after the defeat. ): Okay maybe it was just me. And its the first time I spoke to Joshua since he isn’t really from track other than this very short time last yr. If all these won’t be forgotten, won’t be blurred as we age and graduate from the academic chapter of our lives. Argh, I’m now afraid of losing the status as a student after complaining about it for the past 10 years or so.

Ok this entry is getting very crappy because I lost the inspiration to type. Anyway here are the pictures I took throughout natioanls. There ain’t a lot though. I didn’t take much on finals too because competitors in finals always miss out all the fun of cheering and cam-whoring. And after my event, I was obviously not in the mood to take any photos. Besides, the team would box my face la. Hah.


I love this one. Springing out of blocks like this uniformly is only seen in the finals. (:

 Singaporeathletics.com has the stuff throughout nationals. photos/videos and results.

Ok this is for myself so I can check back next time: http://www.singaporeathletics.com/2007/07/18/news/48th-national-inter-school-championship.html#more-499

p.s. Wing Athletics Club is back. And Mrs Bar and I thought they closed down. Lols.


2 comments on “48th Track and Field National Championships”

  1. Hey my man, its been 6 years since i was last in the team..im studying for exams now, and i guess its one of those weird things you do when you dont wanna study- search out random nostalgic stuff…brings back good ole memories…nothing like the smell of the tar track…i still get high on that =)

    Like you said…all the near misses…if only’s …only make you a stronger man …i havent tested my old knees in a while…i might do that one of these days …just for ole time’s sake…

    PS. You might know my younger brother Joel?

  2. Oh yes the smell is something so nostalgic especially on a burning day. Hmmm. Hahaha. You were from tpjc track? Because I think I saw you before since you’re Joel’s brother. Some years back Mr Chew (think that’s his surname I can’t really recall cos I was under him for a year only) was training us and you were kinda using the gym. Joel’s my senior back then. You’re in your last year in uni?

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