By: Dave

Jul 23 2007

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This is the best. I prayed to God nothing happens to me during Nationals and I guess the promise was kept so now I’m paying what I’m due. Runny nose or is it running nose. In any case, it’s like a tap and I think there’s enough tissue paper used to put them in seperate jars and label them according to the time they were used. :p

SBS Transit obviously has something against the taller population of Singapore. I banged my head twice please. I know you want to let me know I’m tall. Thanks but no thanks. The most amusing and probably hilarious to the commuters onboard then was when I swung head on into the rear mirror at the alighting door. Bloody hell.

I ran into loads of ppl. Yaw Vwee, JieYi and Ting. 2 trackers and one primary/secondary schoolmate/classmate. I think it’s a way to remind myself that there’re things outside studies. Like people. Speaking of which, my phone’s seriously busy today as I spoke to Pillai throughout the time I ate lunch at T1. And my sms is going to bomb soon. I can’t type proper shorthand so I ended up with 2 pages of sms every time. D:

Anyway, I promised coach barnabas, along with Perrine, Ead, Hy and yb to help out at the masters athletes c’ships this Sunday at Bukit Gombak. Perrine was complaining how freaking far that stadium is. I think I miss that place too. Afterall, I didn’t take part in Nat Jrs and Swift Open. I know I shouldn’t be involved in too many things since As is coming and my books are obviously still locked up by some spell I casted and forgot. S:

Did I mention I hate pure math like fuck? And Sam mentioned chem is way easier than Bio. C’mon, you don’t need to tihnk tt much fr Bio. Chem is like so much so mug and so much to apply. )):

Argh. Stop counting down! I can hardly breathe. ):


7 comments on “Sick.”


    Did you just change your blogskin AGAIN?

    I don’t know, it seems like it’s always different.


    Can we get out and grab some DOOOOONNNNUUUTS and PPPPRRREEETTTZZELLS?

    *Beems in delight*

  2. done, link back too! =)
    run 4evr!

  3. HEY KEITH! ok I’m like not used to calling you keith. lols. It’s damn easy to change the template for wordpress. For one click and they set everything for you. But can’t really customize like blogspot. At most you can do adjustments to widgets (things on the column on the right). Anyway, YES TO DONUTS! And wth is pretzels? Ha! Suppose to have Hex meeting this Friday right? But I have the gd-fr-nth napha test at 3.30pm. So where/when/who we’re getting out to grab some fun/food/sun and all the gd stuff? And where’s the rest? We’re all MIA these months. Hah. reply asap!

  4. Yang, yup I linked you. You keep running too! I’m sure you’ll do vj proud next yr! If I can get mc/chao keng during NS, I’ll definietly come down to cck stadium for nationals finals next yr. By then, you’ll be blazind dwn the track lanes for sure. ((:



    Yea we’ll be busy since polys are having exams soon. But fret not! Cos soon will it b our holidays! (End of August marks the start of ma holies)

    Pretzels are…

    I’m sick tooo… down wif flu and the mother fucking fever is on its way already. Fuck!

    Anyways, hope to see ya real soon!

  6. End of August marks the start of my death. I’ll be dead for like 2 months until the end of Nov. Eh actually no, my last paper is like MCQ so its okay. Lols. But it’ll be until END OF NOV. OMFG. So damn long. Already now all the jc2s are mugging their penis inside out. )): I hope I can find time to hang out! Bloody MOE and their crappy academic system. Pffft.

  7. Oh wait that’s 3 months. ARRRGH. Boring shit.

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