Yet another

By: Dave

Jul 29 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I don’t know how it happened but I didn’t manage to find someone to go with me to this really exciting event called Scholar’s Choice Preview ’07. No. Somehow thes rest of the world decided to play me out. Sighs.

Perrine, hy and me are supposed to help out at the Singapore Masters Athletes at Gombak today but the man in charge was so busy with annoying athletes whom kept pestering him and since he claimed they had an oversupply of manpower we decided to leave after some 20mins. And I wasted near 1.5 hrs of travelling time and cab fare back to Tampines since they wanted to share a cab. Sundays can’t be spent more fantastically.

Anyway I’m thinking about joining WAC instead of Swift. I heard from James there’re more young athletes in Wings. Yes, of all ppl, it’s coming from James. :p



3 comments on “Yet another”

  1. Excuse me!!!! wad me u mean by “of all ppl” U watch out!! Haha…

  2. Ehh!! You’re from the unspeakable cca what. HAHAHAHA!

  3. unspeakable?? HAha.. ok. Fine…haha…be careful with ur words. just make sure u don’t fight with “them “again.

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