By: Dave

Aug 03 2007

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I think the only race that I remember smiling after is this one. It’s the first attempt at 200m and I got 5th. (: C’mon la. I know very well I seldom break from the 6/7/8th positions. Hah. It’s funny tt the MI tracker tt taped this down stopped the recording after their MI guy crossed the finishing line. I was just about to and the video ended. It’s like I’m being bastard. rofl.

p.s. I’m in lane 2. Yes, the obscene red shorts. lols

I want to put on my spikes again. Awww..


7 comments on “HAHA”

  1. helloo. eh nice red shorts (:

  2. hey thanks! I didn’t find you during the finals becos before my race I was so busy talking. After the race, I was too upset to do anything so yea, sorry!
    And the red shorts looks nice on me from very far, otherwise it looks quite out of place. White top and red shorts is like National Day la. 😀

  3. Hey Giraffe!
    Happy 19th Birthday! Good Luck with your ‘A’ Levels! ^_^

  4. hallo. you’re so old!

  5. thanks Huining! (:

    Fang, I’m not old la! Ok actually I think and feel old. I’ll soon be losing my status as a teenager where I can do things and care less the consequences. Damn!

  6. aha and you nv did answer my email! hmph old man.

  7. You emailed? I replied on your blog. (:

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