After a while

By: Dave

Aug 16 2007

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Okay I finally posted. There are so many things to update and pen down so years later I can look back and laugh at myself etc etc.

First up, my birthday is boring. I sat at home like a couch potato after the school celebrations which wasn’t a blast given so many classmates turned up. ): Was suppose to meet jn and wx after that to god down to vivo but I can’t rmbr why wx couldn’t make it. BUT BUT BUT lotsa people remembered my birthday. (: Other than James and weimin whom are the biggest asses asking me, ‘is it today or national day that is your birthday?’ I know I’m associated with 9th Aug because of the celebrations in schools each year but you 2 are seriously the last on the list to make such a mistake can. Hah. I’m thrilled that even people like Eadelin, Zi Xiang, Keith, Desmond, Kenny, Candice, TK, Crystal etc etc rmbr. If I didn’t mention your name its because the sms you sent me is damn short. Send a longer one next time! Okay, I’m kidding. In any case birthdays are just cake days with more cream plus candles that you blow in one puff and remind yourself that you do have wishes that you always hope to come true but always forget after a few days past your birthday. I would rather keep it that way than club or party. I mean chilling out with family and friends should be the way instead of getting your body rubbed or maybe groped  in a club of strangers right. Ok I’m rattling away.

Okay typing in such structured form is damn boring. And I am way. too. lazy. 😀 Shall keep it random and specific. Prelims are some 20+ days away. I didn’t even realise until the vp mentioned in the morning. Time travels faster as we approach exams. ): Truth to be told, I’m unlike the rest or some whom are mugging their hearts out. Hey I really want to be like that because I’m not bright and probably has IQ slightly above that of a carrot only, so mugging is essential to survive the As. I can’t seem to find the drive. I was telling Ivan that we need both the panic and drive button to be pressed AND held until the 22nd of Nov. Anyway, I’m looking at the the bigger picture. Prelims to some are as important than the As or even more importantsince it gauge your stand and may be a morale booster or confidence-killer, it may cause some to be overconfident or disappointment. I don’t believe in exceling the prelims. We all know you can only peak once. If you peak at the prelims, its really quite pointless because while it may get you scholarships or entry to a foreign U, its not recognised as a cambridge exam and the As are equally important in your career as your degree in future. As for those who think you can peak twice in prelims and As and have done it before, then you didn’t peak after all because you’re merely getting the same grades all over again. I’m speaking for myself. I know if I put in too much effort now, I would lose my steam after prelims which would bear a consequence I cannot bear. Oh well, the task is to balance the effort put in, too much too little would turn my mood against myself.

Okay, I know the above ‘TPJC MV’ which is a corporate video is like out earlier this year but I’m posting now because Mr Bun, the entrepreneur of Stickfas co. gave us a different speech at assembly the other day. I didn’t know he made it that big. Like Sulaiman emphasised, the creator of Simpson wanted his signature. It’s really something to make it there. Anyway, I think the corporate vid is quirky in areas such as the part on the softballers and the parts where some students spoke. And the damn part on the track, I can’t even see if I was sprinting that time. It looks so small and they were video-ing secretly! The run time given to track is so like a split second and there were no field events. I mean, jumps and hurdling look pretty graceful on a video trying to show various dynamic areas yea – at least I think that’s the message they are bringing across.

Oh yea, we’re allowed to wear college tee (and cca tees I think) every Friday from tmr onwards. The sch may have responded with little appreciation but I bet they’re just doing so because everyone else is expressing themselves in the same way. Typical.

Ok I think I didn’t leave anything out. ta. (:


4 comments on “After a while”

  1. Wow, didn’t know tpjc market themselves so aggressively now.

  2. I saw my name! 😀 David, hope you’re coping well. I nearly fainted when I just saw my calender that it’s 02 Sept now. Gosh, one more month! I’m trying not to give up on myself! Press on pal!

  3. hey kenny! one more month to? A levels start so soon? Okay I’m really not tuned to A levels yet. My whole mind’s worried abt the prelims fr now. As later. haha. See yaa rd. You work hard too. (:

  4. James, its not aggressive la. The last part is so out of tune la. And take care of your health! The season to get sick strikes!

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