By: Dave

Sep 06 2007

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I am so sick. Literally. A bout of flu, headache, fever, really bad cough and dry lips that spilled blood during consultation. It is so embarassing when blood flew across the paper when I’m in school for chem consultation.

 Anyway, everyone is mugging everywhere. I see those life-less beings curled into a ball in front of these bibles chanting and scribbling everywhere in school. So much so that I had no intention to stay in school after consultation which by the way lasted only 20mins or so cos I havent done enough to ask questions.

I thought by this time, my panic button would have been punched really hard and probably get jammed under pressure but no, the button spoiled. I would be lying through my teeth if I say I didn’t hit the books at all. And that sort of things should only be said by those closet muggers who aren’t very closet after all. But studying has been such a pain and boring part of the pre-prelims routine that I wanna give up and lay my very sick body to rest or better, hibernate for the next 3 days.

Argh, this is so crap. And something is wrong with me lately. My legs have been giving way – the entire shin. On the very bad days, I stop halfway down the steps of a stairway and have to sit down. I think it may be dengue but my temperature isn’t intermittent. I guess I’ll see the doctor after the 1st week of prelims.


4 comments on “Quickie”

  1. hello. i NV forget u or ur bday. 8 aug v easy to rem. hehe.
    have u changed ur hp no. anyway can send me ur number cos i changed new phone n lost most contacts. thanks!! i presume u r not going to the gathering tonight?

    tc! ^ ^

  2. yup I can’t come. I’ll see you guys ard then. (: All the best. Help me say hi to everyone at the gathering!

  3. this may sound weird, but it’s worth giving a shot.

    Tell yourself, with all conviction and belief, that you are all right. In just a short time, you will be all right. That’s the power of the will…

  4. Thank you for the encouragement. (: Have a nice day!

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