Prelims and etc.

By: Dave

Sep 15 2007

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First week of prelims. Not so smooth. Chemistry’s paper 3 is a fluke with very crazy questions that killed my time. The damn points to plot on the cheap graph paper are seriously given in randomly queer decimals. I could hardly figure out values to give between each grid. As usual nobody I asked so far could finish the paper. And it’s not as if the ones we did could save the grade. ): It was paper 2 today and the chem dept is obviously trying a joke on us. A terrible one indeed. I won’t say it’s an easy paper but it’s way better than paper 3 and I am at least nearing completion of the paper. Again, the answers I wrote are highly questionable. :p (Honestly that is a terrible smiley for such hilarious mistakes)

Biology dept also tried to be funny. They conjured (not exactly) some paper with questions taken from SAJC’s promos paper and slapped it right into section B and C. I got this info from Amantha whom’s diligent enough to try those papers. Okay, I seriously need to put in more effort for Biology. I wanted to say it’s an insult to our intelligence to use promo papers. Then again, 100% of the people could hardly figure out what on earth the Lac operon question was asking. I just squeezed in one line which is slightly better than those that returned the 10m to the teachers. 😀 I cannot finish the Bio paper. AGAIN. What the hell is wrong. I know exactly what it is: I write all kinds of stuff unrelated to the question first then desperately squeeze in a few things I know is related. How clever.

The only paper I could finish so far are GP and Econs. The only reason being I had incomplete answers. Other than essay which went out of point. Honestly, I don’t think media really distorts and misguide if there’s some form of control by individuals to purge thoughts into what they’re exposed to but I couldn’t quite figure out the words and phrasing under exam conditions so I went out of point – explaining the lengthy conclusion in desperation to draw back my ideologies and salvage the paper. Talk about despo, a pathetic one too.

And I fear for my math. I would like to keep a record of zero Us but this math paper which I only spent 3 hours preparing for is threatening that. Pure math is really something my genes couldn’t quite figure which polypeptides to code for in order to survive it. I screwed up some stats question too. And you know those show/prove questions? They tell me one thing. The worked solution on my foolscap is obviously wrong. Sometimes I think of just placing the answer to prove at the end of the solutions no matter what I get. Okay, I’m not that desperate for now.

Really. A levels is such a hurdle. Mediocre sad brains of mine can only decipher what the hell the lecture notes are whispering about. But Ms D. Tan said, we’ll emerge stronger than the rest that didn’t go through this system. We’ll be the stress buffers of the society. This, I say with pride and only those in the same crazy pair of shoes would understand me. The others, scorn or sulk in disagreement but it’s a fact we can’t deny even if you do, deep down you know it’s true. Alright, that is bitchy.

 My flu and cough has been annoying my peers and schoolmates in the hall during the exams. And I bet some turn away in disgust with the almost leaking mucus which they almost saw. That came out wrong but you get my drift. I’ve been sick for 2 whole weeks. And now to join the ranks of the bacteria/virus or whatever crap that are clawing me, toothache torture has descended. Well, at least there’s something to put blame on for the mishaps that appears on the prelims result slip, if there’s such a thing.

I’m recently addicted to The Hospital (yea the TW version one) which I know now is really slow. But during the period it was airing I was busy juggling track and field and staying alive in school. Plus, I thought the show had no substance and prolly show sexy nurses and suave doctors sashaying down the wards. Then there’s The X Family which is still airing in TW so thank God I won’t be able to finish watching it or I think that’s it for my A levels. But alas, my bro has up till 21 episodes of the already aired 26. WTF.

Talking about shows, you know how terribly I lack discipline. I can hardly concentrate after the morning papers when I come home. I ended up watching some Jap movie I found on bro’s com – some yoyo girl cop thingo which looks like the typical female assasin, tough on targets with a softer side. Then there’s FACEBOOK which I spend hours on. Seriously, I should have heeded wenxin’s words when she said not to underestimate its addictivity (smth like that). So I panic in the evenings and study for some 3 hours for the paper next day. Wow. (not amazing but uh-oh, shit.)

And now it is 1am. I shall catch up on the lack of sleep. I have eye bags now. I never ever have them! Shit.


7 comments on “Prelims and etc.”

  1. Your flu is, ermmm sorry to say, but annoying even in the classrooms. Hope you get better soon cause it’s really annoying!

  2. Sorry Su! Now I’m left with cough. It’s really terrible. I coughed till I developed abs pls. HAHAHA. Ok I’ll drink more water then there’ll be lesser coughing. I hope. ((:

  3. U’re addicted to The Hospital? LOL! Enjoy crying. Cause I cried my heart when I was watching it. Damn sad lah!

  4. No la. I only watched the first few episodes. I decided to stop watching first so I can watch more movies instead. Heh.

  5. TOLD YOU SO!!!=D

  6. ehhhh! Whatever! I don’t see you poking me on facebook anymore eh? Hahaha. Tell me when you’re online, I can throw you some poop. 😀

  7. no thanx. i rather you throw at me when i’m not online so i wun get the full on effect. HAH.

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