By: Dave

Sep 21 2007

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HOHOHO. Prelims are officially over. ((:

So we should start worrying for the As.

Yesterday’s the last paper and it was at 3pm please. When Ms Loh (my ex-chem tchr) saw me she went, ‘what are you doing in school? You have a paper at this time?!’ HAHA. That’s the crap you get when you’re a Bio student. Honestly, one day when I discover some vaccine for some zQ54785X virus or what shit I’ll make those who underestimated the prowess of biology suffer in eternal torture. Haven’t you already heard of Biological warfare. I’ll clone you and get your clone to assainate you. Okay, I watch too much sci-fic movies. Hah.

After the Biology paper, Amantha and Alvin were frantically searching for this Bio qn they did in the morning so we were just lazing around waiting for the answer to be found. But, they never found it. instead Ms Nora stepped in and they asked her fr the answer. I think I got it correct but I can’t remember what I shaded for my answer – since I make changes to my answers last minute and have no idea which is my final answer. :p So, after futile efforts of digging out that question, we decided to go Starbucks! Pinyi if you read this, ytd’s co. was not a weird combination of ppl! It’s like all of us econs ppl except Su then plus Alvin. Ok, excluding tsze ping cos she doesn’t tag us. Sam went for her ex-tchr’s wake so she left. Okay, I think it sucks to know the passing of your teacher. We should really give some thought to showing appreciation while we can to those that educated us. As we age, the people we know from our younger days age too so they will eventually leave us. Urh I’m not making much sense. 😡

Monday’s Bio was terrible. Human Genome Project. Please tell me we’re studying GP. It sounds like it. There’s hardly any scentific facts but more of general repercussions/benefits of studying human genome or smth like that. I totally returned the 10m to the teachers since I didn’t study and can’t even recall what on earth that is. And whatever I wrote is illogical. 4 lines of crap can’t really squeeze one mark out of 10 you see. Paper 3 is the worst ever. To think I thought that 2 chapters should be easy even though stem cell is really current and much is still unknown about them (which means they can crap questions which sounds out of the world to test us) and genetic engineering is so technical. WHY AREN’T WE LEARNING SEXUAL REPRODUCTION. The sperms swimming up the fallopian tubes is like way easier to remember can. Even though the menstruation stages and fertilisation and so on have a million things to remember but it gets into my head automatically (I’m sure it will and don’t ask why it’s just so) and very quickly too.  HAH.

Econs paper was just horrid. I have no idea what crap I was writing for macro econs. Who the hell writes SIX ESSAYS in 2hours 15mins? Even the MT lit papers gives them some 3 hours for 3 essays. I can’t even finish my paper. ): The silliest scene was at the start of the paper when I pulled out the cap of my pen and water flew onto my papers. Because, thanks to Ivan’s cup of ice lemon tea or some drink from the cafe which had those drops of water from condensation flowing like a river to my papers and pencil box when we were waiting for the exam. So I spent the first five minutes wiping my pen and pencil box while others were writing fantically already. Oh man.

Bio and chem MCQs are of different worlds. One gives you too little time, the other some excess time. But alas! Chemistry with its ridiculously long winded questions with 99-steps-before-you-reach-your-solution is the one that gives us lesser time. So much so, we don’t even hv time to finish let alone shade the omr/otas/oas paper. Stupid shit. I had some 8 unattempted questions for chem. I should seriously study after all this crap. Sighs.

Anyway I watched Aeon Flux finally. I know that’s some light years ago (actually its just last year but people keep laughing at me!) Haha. Anyway, caucasians with black hair is like the hot. Charlize Theron is damn sexy in the leather outfit. I don’t care if ppl say Famke or other should take up Aeon’s role. And those ass holes who thinks Aeon’s not thin enough etc etc. Please, the movie’s not bragging thin assasins but confused and first class monican agent. I don’t get why those idiots are so upset about the change in the plot. Please allow your damn brain to realise that the plot’s changed from the original creator of the animated series but it turned out better and it brings across a different message about science and dna. Those lowly beings of no wisdom. And the critics just went on and on about how terrible the movie is. You know, you can’t trust movie critics, they for one would play up the box office to allow those potential box-bottoms to rise. You know, the less action and less popular kinda shows which are artsy fartsy with little dialogue or violence/sex etc etc.

Okay, brother got the simpsons movie in the com but it is dubbed in chinese. How retarded! I can’t stand seeing them speak in chinese. It’s so funny beacause it’s just wrong.

Oh I watched this jap series – only 10 episode – called Jotei (Empress). It’s pretty interesting. It’s about some girl’s aspiration to become the top Hostess or owner of a club to control men and those who are born into a life of wealth but are keeping the poor as poor as they are to remain wealthy. Some political scene and such. Go watch on Veoh! It’s subbed in English (duh else how I watched).

I can’t wait for tonight. We’re going Chijmes! Okay, initally I wanted to check out the Balcony because the trackers went there the other time but I didn’t (shit). But Chijmes’ having some 50% off drinks so the rest want to go. No I only drink mocktails cos alcohol is bad. Not like I care but my religion kinda forbids it. Oh well.

I shall spend this wkend fully. Meet up meet up meet up! And maybe go see a dentist in case the toothache fairy visits again.


Oh ya I just found out from Choyee that Chee Sheng’s the new captain for track. And Eadelin/Farhanah’s the new vice caps. I hope they bring back track to its glory days. I really miss seeing the days we trackers trample over the other midget ccas and just pwn them in everything related to running throwing jumping. Argh, I miss my track and field. ):


4 comments on “YAY.”

  1. Not weird? Are you sure?

    .. Okay maybe. It’s just after prelims, my typing isn’t supposed to make sense. 😀

  2. OMG! you commented? it’s like the first?! how’s mk?HAHAHA. :p

  3. You gave me a direct shoutout, of course I’d reply.

    Ha, ha, ha.
    Well I dunno, why don’t you tell me?

  4. How wld I know. He’s yours! Heh.

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