There’s no such word I think. But heck!

Anyway, so we met up at 7+ and went down to chijmes. There was only 4 of us at first! Cos Ivan was still at home and Sam – crazy crazy sam – was having tuition; after a day at the beach, getting baked by the hot sun. Like pinyi said, she was dressed too well for tuition. HAHAHA. And I had like no other shirt cos all of them have not been altered so they look like some pyjamas on me. x) It wasn’t even ironed man. Imagine the state I was in. Such style it must be.

It was funny when we first reached Gatsby (where they have the 50% off thing and its not a men’s hair/face product like I thought). The place wasn’t open, or more accurately, it closed down. We had intentions to ask their neighbours why their friend’s not open but we asked some dudes in uniform instead. I think they patrol the place or something? I don’t know. So we had to settle between Bobby’s or this other place that looked run down from the outside with no air-con. Obviously we still chose Bobby’s after the scissors-paper-stone thing between Alvin and Amantha. I didn’t spend a single cent cos I brought less than $20?!! So I only kop Ivan’s fries and tomato. LOL.

Then we hogged the sofa seats at the other side and the girls drank. Pillow wars and snapshots. News updates by Alvin and I swear it’s like the latest news. Straight from the phone of the source too! They should just graduate and take up mass comm in NUS. Hahaha! Ok that’s crap. Sam came and downed one shot. She claimed it was no kick. And doubted if she was cheated. One fine day when she’s drunk I’ll upload all her very scandalous photos and videos I tell you. Hah. Oh speaking of which, I PWNED SAM IN POOL. :p I don’t care if she drank. Anyway it has no effect on her, so she says. Heh. Sam, you owe me a dollar for the pool game ok. I won’t forget! rofl.

We left early. It felt early. But I only managed to take the last train that goes back to Pasir Ris. I don’t know why but if trains end their service so early, the people in the night scene industry is losing a lot of potential cash flow. No? Nightrider cost a bomb and takes forever to reach my place from the central area. Anyway we should MUST do this again. It felt so good. And I wasn’t even on alcohol. Ok, the company was sure good. From Sam: We’re the hippy class. When I saw the message I was already thinking if whatever she said about the alcohol having no effect on her is even near true. xo


I met up with Pillai yesterday and we had no place to go to and I was very tired cos Sat morning was some religious class thing. So we just hanged eat at the most boring place on earth – White Sands. I swear that place sucks cos its packed with kids from every playground you can think of. All the bengs and lians with their handphones jarring loudly with the most annoying songs. In Singapore, all these kids spoil the music charts. They exploit the top hits making it their mobile ring one, message tone and prolly even the bye-bye ringtone thing. Being an alert tone isn’t enough. They play those songs wherever they go. While they are walking too. Bloody bastards think they’re in some sort of music video and they’re starred as the celeb or artist. Okay, I’m trailing off topic. Anyway, we checked out the new coffee club opened. It’s really no big deal. The seats and ambience may look out of the ordinary given how torn down and pathetic white sands is but the food sucks. Man, are they overpriced or what. Some lousy potato wedges with fluid-like sour cream which ain’t sour at all. I can get better for both wedges and sauce from Cafe cartel at half price please.  Anyway it’s good to catch up with Pillai cos army life just sucks out the fun of people these days. It will do him good to breath fresh air outside the service he is sentenced to.

Okay, I’m going to watch Secret with my brother. Go ahead and laugh. I’m watching a romantic movie with my sibling in the comfort of our home. Maybe we’ll turn gay and incest. Ok gross.


15 comments on “Funside”

  1. hey i wasn;t drunk k. anyway normally i dun wear a dress for tuition. i’m a shorts t shirt disheveled hair kinda person. tuition only who cares sia. but that day you all say going to drink mah. what if i et drunk wanna unglam and get blackmailled also must look prettier. HAHA. anyway i didn’t buy any footwear to match the dress lor. i went for tuition my friends were like chijmes in slippers? crazy ar. hahaha. anyway we must drink again soon. you should drink mocktails or some veggie juice and act drunk

  2. eh you’re the first to put EXCLAMATION MARKS! on your NAME!! I KNOW IT’S SAM!!!
    Ok cool. Anyway act drunk sounds funny. I have to stay sober and at attention to take all you guys’ drunk state right?? Hahaha… Maybe I’ll drink real cocktails! I go ask my religious class first. Hahaha.. Ok I sound damn religious now. Amitabha. :p

  3. What’s wrong with wearing slippers to Chijmes?

    And omg, your camera is a dangerous, dangerous thing. I love that picture of AC and AC. >:))))))
    Also yes, you should drink something next time so that, I dunno, everyone’s drinking. WE NEED TO GO ANOTHER TIME. 😀

  4. AC and AC is nth la! PY and IC is like more scandalous. Chijmes has all the expats and angmohs there so we wld look funny in those slippers tt you wear to the market la. But none of us wore those tt day yea?

    My camera will liberate your pain in hiding your relationship(s). :p HAHAHA!

  5. hey dav you got the initials wrong. its IL not IC. yeah AC and AC quite scandalous also. hahaha. i think everyone got the couple thing going on. we were the only two decent ones man. you can even see the wings growing out of our backs:)

  6. HAHAHA! I am the ones with wings! I see horns on your back now ok. Wait… it’s everywhere! Honry Sam has more than one meaning now. 😀
    Oh yea, sorry pin yi! I didn’t mean to mess up your love’s initials! I make a public apology now. FORGIVE ME!! :p

  7. … What the hell?

    HAHA, wings. Bat wings, more like.
    And besides, the way AC and AC were posing was so so so so so scandalous! Sprawled out all sexy-like on the couch. 🙂

  8. As we can see, Kaelyn is desperately diverting our attention. :p

  9. In a nutshell, ALL of you are scandalous. Tskkk.


  10. Just because we haven’t pair you up right! Don’t worry, plenty of chances! Hahaha!

  11. woah… so many responses. yay, for once, we can have some entertainment in class.

  12. I’ll only heart jesh. (:

  13. What about me? :c

  14. You have your boys ma. Those sec sch kids! HOHOHO!

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