I don’t know if it’s luck or some kind of a warning/message by God/Lord/Jesus/Allah/Buddha/Angels etc. I turned on the tv flipping throuh the channels and I saw the Tyra show. It was about smiles lost because of teeth damage that caused these ladies to lose confidence in their smiles. When I saw their initial conditions, it was really painful to watch. The -grip-your-cushion and squeeze-it-in-your-arms kind of scary. One had her teeth shaking for 2 years since some accident I think while the other had her teeth falling or smth thanks to heredity. Whatever it is, the all can’t taste simple food that we take for granted, from chewing carrots to cakes and puffs. Then I checked my teeth and see the bloody decay – not literally. But now it really strikes fear in me that I won’t be able to taste anymore. Shit.

And I was cheated by Su today. She told me the Mooncake festival is over. Inside, I felt so embarrased I don’t even remember when the exact day of this festival is and it was supposedly over. Then! When I was having dinner, mum started talking about it and said we should sit down for mooncake appreciation session sort of thing with tea and all on mooncake festival. You can picture my mum’s eyes glow and her big ‘O’ shaped mouth when I said too bad it’s already over. LOL.

On other news, today was a waste of time going to school. We only got back Chemistry paper. Apparently, the econs dept had a shortage of hands due to 2 teachers on mc. So we won’t be getting it back anytime soon. It may even drag till next week. One thing teachers don’t understand about students is the fact that when we get back our results, we have no mood for any discussion of answers/solutions unless it’s going to fetch us some marks. As usual, they force feed us to finish and get the paper done and over with. And we just sit there and hold our own meetings which by the way is more interesting than whatever’s going on. HAHA.

Okay I’m praying like crap that I don’t screw up my other papers. I know whatever’s done done but divine intervention is another story. I know I didn’t work hard like I should but still! Ok I feel so helpless now.

This all feels so pointless. ):


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