Math miracle.

This is absolutely impossible.

We got back our math paper today and I got a D! (I don’t care it isn’t a real D blah blah) Ok D is like a disgusting grade but considering it’s only a H1 and I studied the night before the paper looking like some despo on all fours then rolling in the bed and pointing middle fingers at the notes – I think I was lucky again. My pure math sucks. I think it is the lowest in class. ): Mr Koh was giving us a good hearing, or rather them cos me and Su were late and we were standing at the doorway like potted plants. But I think it’s disppointment that made Mr Koh so upset with us. I really feel stupid cos pure math looks so alien.

Happy things. Me, Su, wx and jn went to the airport for lunch. (: I need a break from academics and these people are like instant stress-relievers. (I don’t know why I am stressed, I’m not even studying yet. Must be the results) Anyway, I’m quite stressed up cos I am still having my break while others have started hitting the books again. Is it just me? How come I feel this need to take a longer rest so I won’t burn out when the As get real close? ):

To add on to depression, I’m attending some wake later. Su/wx/jn said why’s everyone dying. I think this is the coming of the end of the world. Shit. Then whatever we study for? Get a degreee in heaven and work as an angel. Okay cranky and crappy so I shall go meet my mum before she stuff the mooncakes up my ass.

Happy Mooncake festival people. (:

p.s. Su! TODAY is mooncake festival la! Not last saturday! :p (ok fine I rmbr you’re an indian)

p.p.s. Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls is so fucking exploited these days. I hear it on every mat/minah/beng and lian’s handphone please. Bloody bastards. Now the song sounds like shit.


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