Service Learning!

By: Dave

Sep 26 2007

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Ok this is funny: I was copying the list of movies off the computer screen from itunes website and my Dad asked me why I’m studying like there’s an exam tmr. HAHAHA. -.- I wish I am studying hard now please. Lol. 


I LOVE KIDS. YAY! Okay I can’t handle kids well but I still think they’re the cutest thing alive. Although they’re brutually honest in their opinions like if you’re ugly they will ask you why is your face so ugly sort of thing (no they didn’t say I’m ugly thank you) but they are just a reflection of innocence. (:

Anyway today we went down to Iman Childcare – it’s a muslim childcare centre. They are damn cute. Kids are so easy to coax. We had no better ideas for cheers so we just got them to shout ‘GO MAURITIUS!’ and they complied! They were doing it so cheerily it’s as if they are on high. :p Anyway I tihnk Fred and Dinie are the funniest people throughout the program. The polar bear and red riding hood is just ultimate. I burst out laughing when they did the aba kedabra thingo and spun themselves around. And I have it captured by Ivan! Of course Ivan’s chicken dance demo isn’t missed. On the whole today is just fantastic. Although the kids prolly haave no idea what global warming perhaps say its somehow related to sharks and giant beanstalks, they sure had a great time. 😀 Okay I’ll like upload the photos tmr. I’m too lazy to upload now and I have no time cos I haven’t do the Bio hmwk we’re suppose to do last weekend.

Anyway, we’re getting back GP and Bio papers tmr. I have a bad feeling. I didn’t finish section B again so I can pretty much expect the grades to be crap. ): And only 10% of the cohort passed GP please. That is very little. Considering the fact that we’re science students and my GP isn’t exactly passing much above borderline, I think crossing my fingers, legs and balls cannot save anything. The arts people prolly take up some 8% of the GP passes. Shit.

Oh yea we went Cafe Cartel today after SL. OMG. They have 30% off for students from 1.30 till 5.30 la. I’m going to eat there like some hungry ghost of October when I get my allowance. I want to try the mushroom pasta. Not like I have much choices but mushroom is nice and succulent. :p I think I kop too much food today from Shuyun cos I ended up only eating dinner at 10pm.  I am seriously worried now. I see people studying and Mr Ari said we’re to start studying already but yet I can’t put myself in a seat for 10mins?! And I don’t know why is it just me or the weather cos I’m sleeping everytime I come home. It can’t be just the afternoons cos I slept just now for like half the evening after I came home. Argh. This is making me feel uneasy. Sighs.


4 comments on “Service Learning!”

  1. CAYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MAuritius better than Cayman la!

  3. YAY! Mauritius is a better island anyway. :p And our kids are cuter!

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