Hell no.

By: Dave

Oct 15 2007

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Last Friday was farewell. Man was it sad or what. I thought I won’t cry cos it’s such a ninny. But after a longer stay than the rest, I kinda feel the loss almost immediately. In the morning, one of the dc teachers spoke to us telling us to treasure the last moments in uniform, singing the national anthem together and saying the pledge. It was then that it dawned on me that it will be the last of school uniform days. And of course cheap bus rides. (:

The farewell was really an eye-opener. I didn’t know Ms Huang can sing. Ms Peh and Ms Leow too. I thought track would have zero photos but Mr Hafiz squeezed in the one with me and Glen and the one with Jon. What’s this feeling called? Belong. A sense of identity, I can relate to. After the farewell, we kidnapped the teachers walking past the audi to the carpark and took photos with them. We didn’t plan any of that but we just ended up there cos Cikgu was handing out our result slips. Afterwhich we went down to Bedok for Pizza hut but we forgot its Public Day eve and so we headed to Shuyun’s area where I had my fries/mushroom soup at Big Ben’s. They ran out of vegetarian pies. ): But that place looks really decent. It’s quiet enough to enjoy a book and sip on latte. (: I shall go there after As, assuming I’ll ever be calm after the paper. I mean, I’m sure I’ll explode with adrenaline. And Pinyi said we should go down the row and hug each and everyone after our papers. HAHAHA. I think hugging is really not enough. I’m sure I’ll squeeze everyone into prata. 😀

My parents are not too happy with my results. It isn’t any better when they see the lousier grades from mid years. Seriously, that’s the worst ever. No wonder it’s funny when cikgu commented under remarks, ‘a bright student with so much to offer’. LMAO. That’s cute. Oh and my mum’s been whining about my time in front of the computer with all the shows playing almost 8 hours a day. It was just the weekend la. I had to clear Grey’s Anatomy which by the way simply rocks. They make surgery the coolest thing ever. Yet so freaky cos you know this sort of shit happens when you were in the op room. I can picture these half-masked dudes swapping gossip news as they cut people up. Alvin cannot be a surgeon for sure. Unless his team comprises of people who speak some native language and don’t understand him. By the way I couldn’t resist so I watched Ugly Betty season 2. Shit. The first ep is seriously funny like shit. Ok today is bad vocab day; it’s just really funny and you guys should watch after your As or something.

There’s chem tmr. ARRRGHH. And it’s in the hot afternoon please. More ARRGGH. I need to pack up my stuff. I havent been studying other than the desperate flipping through notes. ): I am waiting for this to be over. But I’m reluctant to take the exam now cos I’m not prepared. THIS IS SO CRAP.

p.s. This is a really boring post. I should dedicate one emo post to farewell and goodbyes. Maybe after the As.

p.p.s. I think ‘after the As’ is the phrase of the month. I keep hearing it and reading it from blogs to smses to radio. My God.


7 comments on “Hell no.”

  1. I don’t wanna be prata. D:

  2. You can be tissue prata then. HAHA!

  3. By the way I’m sure being squeezed is better than being ‘tap tap’ by you guys’ best friend. LOL.


  5. he asked me if i’m going to school on monday on sunday evening. creepy.

  6. you mean tap tap? WOW. Ok you’re officially on his ‘to-tap’ list. HAHAA!

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