Ok the prize goes to pinyi.

By: Dave

Oct 17 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I have no idea how to make pinyi more embarassed. Other than I***’s name being mentioned. HOHO.

We had some chem mcq test thingy. I never hit the 30m range and I’m very crossed with the fact that it’s some careless mistakes and wrong assumptions. You see, the problem is when you’re take your sugar high time to think and think you may get the answer but you can’t finish the paper. But when you zoom through everything, some questions are overlooked. This. sucks. And I swear there must be losers there in the lt that cheated for the mcq to make their marks higher. If you get 35m, you should actually have gotten an A or B for prelims seriously.
Ok enough with the bitching. I think the other chem class is damn funny cos Ms Huang voiced that she feel as though they can’t wait to see her get married. She said so when she took out the snickers bars for us. (: I think it’s for good luck since it definitely can’t be for rewarding us. 😡 After that we’re supposed to chill out at the school cafe but they ran out of hot dogs (not like I eat them) so me yat, amantha and pinyi ended up on the very adventurous trip to Ikea. Adventurous meaning walking an extra stop, ducking raindrops and dashing from shelter to shelter. Without forgetting banging into the side mirror of a lorry. Ok that’s just me. It was not very painful but my reaction was really retarded cos I just kept laughing and pointing my fingers at my forehead and the lorry’s mirror. I don’t know why but this was really a great funny day. ((:

We ate there. I love mushroom soup. I should just invent an automatic mushroom soup brew-er or smth. And drink it like every morning. Then morning blues would be erased from my vocab. We did very stupid things too. Like placing our bags in a trolley then pushing it to the lift and away and back to it again. We just went around ogling at the furniture. Actually Ikea’s furniture is not a big deal and the quality is not there but what makes people fascinated is the way they manage to arrange the rooms sorta thing that captures our attention and inspire designer genes to be activated. Oh oh, and on our way home we were doing crash course on random stuff we’re supposed to know for our As. It’s good cos we’re compensating for the time lost de-stressing at Ikea. (:
I really should start serious mugging tmr. I have not been on track and I’ve been postponing the things at hand since monday. Now, I need to eat my maggi mee for supper. tata.


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