We tried to surprise Kenny.

By: Dave

Oct 20 2007

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We tried really hard. But it didn’t have OMGWTF effect. ): Kenny kept saying he’s surprised by the number that turned up. Actually I am too. When we met up I had no idea that even Agnes and Yanqing would turn up. It can be considered as half a gathering already if zj and stef turned up. They must have something against me! They only turn up on the days when I cannot make it. Shit, how can they do this to me. 😀

Anyway I am very absent minded. I forgot all about present. Kenny, I promise to get you yours after the As? Don’t worry I won;t give anymore wallets. You can seriously buy a display panel for the wallets to come since keith sounded like he’s getting you another one next year. KEITH WONG, you can get ME a wallet on a day you feel generous okay? Or it can be a belated bday gift. Or post-As gift, christmas gift, boxing day gift. Actually I don’t need an occassion – you can still give me. HAHAHA. I mean, c’mon the wallet I use has no brand and even if it has it must smth that sounds like ‘ANCHOR’, ‘555’, ‘AMC’ or maybe ‘POPULAR’. rofl. I am very superstitious so don’t give me shoes on my birthday. You guys can get me that on any other day after my As. I really need all the good luck in the world to cross this hurdle. Thank you! (as if my bday is coming)

Anyway I think today’s catching up did me good. It’s a good break away from books. I shall mug tmr. I realised I haven’t done much for the week so I shall have to peel out my eyes  next week. ): Why am I always resorting to last minte work, seriously.

Oh yea, the farewell photos which I am too lazy to upload one by one is tada! (still lazy to upload so its in colage to save my energy. It’s really tedious pls) You can find the rest on my flickr account.


Ms Young. Our newsflash GP teacher.


This was the best performance! We didn’t know Ms Huang can sing. The songs they belted were really great man. All their voices blended pretty well. Amazing.


The Principal sporting a school colour coat for the farewell. She told me to stand tall instead of squatting to minimise the height diff. I turned out like a beanstalk – in a good way. (:


Cikgu – our civics tutor and Mrs Loh – the Econs guru. (Mrs Loh, I am so sorry for the disappointing prelims results, I promise nothing lower than a B for As. Okok I will try!)


Some of the people that braved the storms of jc life with me (: We should go chijmes or The Balcony sometime soon. After Bio paper 3 okay? (Those not in the photos above, PLEASE COME TOO!)


Ms Young, Mrs Woo and Ms Liew aka The dream girls. Or they want to be. It was err… unique I guess. :p


7 comments on “We tried to surprise Kenny.”

  1. hey i have nth against u. so does zj. haha.
    wah, ur GP teacher so chio one. no wonder ur GP good.. haha.

  2. Thanks ar. You had to post the unglam photo. Lol.

  3. Stef, I know la! I was kidding only. My GP teacher’s nice. But my GP is not good man! I almost fell off my chair when I saw ur comment. HAHA!

  4. Heyyy shuyun you posted more photos of me on facebook k. At least I have not posted ur stone-next-to-dustbin photo YET. Heh.

  5. CRAP. Almost forgot about that. Was ivan’s fault. Still remember he was the idiot who pointed me out and told people to take photos..

  6. HE DID? Okay I got terrible memory now. Most of the stuff is kept in removable hard drive. Cos the local drive keeping all the facts. A levels is a bitch! ):

  7. oh shit. I used my brother’s acct instead. HAHAHA. anyway, I still wanna say A levels’ a bitch! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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