By: Dave

Oct 25 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I wasted time today. I watched not one but five episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 2. Then I started watching How I met your Mother. No wonder Sam says I should only return her the hard drive after the As. See what she means! I should lock this pesky little devil away. But then I find every reason to watch an episode of show. Like after I did 3 qns of math. My god. Fyi, that’s all I did today. I feel like crap. This As is like never-ending. I shall whine here everyday from now on.

This is like some sort of nasty disaster. Man-made from cambridge.


8 comments on “WASTE TIME”

  1. I WANT CHARMED S4!!!!! OMG PLS!!! Hahah…

  2. eh dun watch la study!

  3. HELLO! Ok wx wait la. I need to clear my com space but I dun have time also. ): I see how first.

    And sam!!! or SAM!!! haha. I started watching Heroes also. My god. What’s happening to me. Argh! I hate the exam season. ):

  4. The way you replied Sam sounded like you are in love with her. Haha, are you? Uh-oh.. IGNORE ME! I’m rattling off.

  5. jiayou jiayou.. last lap le.. DUN LOSE FOCUS…

  6. HA. HEROES IS DAMN NICE LA. David, even people like me who dont watch much tv watch that. Tsk, just tells about the quality. Hahahhaha.

  7. Hey Su! I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH SAM. It’s just the name she uses has those exclamation marks. Besides, I am not a hot angmoh nor am I loaded with money. LOL.

    Cheng Hsuan, THANK YOU! (: (I know thanks is very cliched but I dunow how else to say it.)

    Shu yun, OMG. YOU WATCH HEROES?! Since when?!

  8. I really gotta agree with su man. You should start studying. Why don’t you pass me your entire com and I’ll safekeep it for you until after your A’s=DDDDD

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