What now.

So first week of exams  ‘A’ LEVELS just ended. GP wasn’t too sweet. I chose some failure/education question and screwed up some points. I think I harped about the same stuff again and again. Then the compre’s summary and AQ was a disaster. C’mon the whole world was complaining about this crappy summary qn and the AQ was too general. Hello what the hell am I suppose to agree on if the author himself wasn’t critical. wth. I know it’s not impossible cos we have those people getting A for GP and they aruge gracefully which we get stuck in our own sentences. ): Oh well.

Math was worse. The only consolation was that I didn’t do like 2 questions for pure math which I did for prelims. I passed prelims math so I am crossing my fingers and praying like in a faithful manner that I get a C. PLEASE GIVE ME A C. Sighs. Anyway next week’s papers are mad shit. First H2 paper is chem paper 3. ZOMG. Hello. We’re humans. We’re not chem freaks. We’re normal people and we don’t love essay-writing. Thank you. Bio paper 2 one day after chem paper 3? You bloody idiots. Why can’t you just squeeze one more day in between these 2 papers for us to study for Bio. Then again, at least it’s not on the same day. Or I would set myself on fire. Blah.

Anyway, I was am very stressed. And I just have to let the people that picked (or were picked by) the alternative education routes know that A levels is one exam where you see bloodshed. And in Singapore, it doesn’t pay. We studied like shitholes, idiots for our bloody live out and local uni is only able to satisfy not even 1 in 4 A level candidates a place in NUS/NTU. That is: pick 4 A level students and you prolly won’t even get 1 making it to uni. So em-mole-yi please do something about it instead of trying to turn the poly into a uni. (no offence and whatever pls) You may realize one day nobody’s going to the jcs no thanks to your crazy idea of increasing uni intake of poly grads. Cambridge would be very upset that they lose their annual revenue from selling us the A level exam papers you know.

That aside, I ran into Cheng Hsuan outside Ikea after math paper. I can’t wait to the end of As. And I really am dying every moment from this.


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