A breather.

Yay for the end of 2nd weeks’ exam! Let’s whine and bitch about the paper.

Chemistry paper 3 was a bitch. I didn’t get to finish every single question. But thank god for question 5. I spent the last 15minutes rushing through that question. I thought the paper would be easier. ): Halfway through the exam I even thought of walking out of the exam hall and shredding my paper before the eyes of everyone one she shock the shit of the invigilators. That was how helpless I felt. But it’s a relief to know there’s pretty much other people who can’t finish the paper. So in a way we die together. The rest of chem paper 3 remains fuzzy in my head.

Today’s Bio P2 was manageable. But there’s some thinking annoying thinking questions meant to differentiate the As and Bs. I crapped something that hopefully didn’t sound like crap. Honestly, why on earth they ask: why insulin doesn’t require ion channels. I have no idea. ): Sighs.

Anyway, the exam paper sucks. Exam’s paper – the paper they provide. My ink pen smudge even after 5 seconds I wrote something. It’s worse when I used correction tape which I try not to. My science paper looks like an art piece of blue blots and streaks please. And we think there’s lots of friction when we write so we were slowed down by the paper’s texture. ): SEAB should provide quality paper so we can deliver quality grades. Tsk. Ok that’s crap.

Did I mention, I completed the entire season 1 of Heroes before last weekend or somewhere then. They killed Sylar! So who’s going to be the villian in season 2. It kinda kills my craving for the next season. But at least it’s not a lousy cliff hanger. I think the last part was interesting. The Godsend symbol dating back to some japan history or something like that. I’m finishing How I met Your Mother S1 and renkai got me the 2nd season! Screw temptations! I kinda paused Grey’s Anatomy so I can catch other shows. There’s lots of jap movies that are damn funny. Nobody seem to realise them. ): Singapore’s search for good foreign movies are so lag no wonder illegal downloads are rampant. (I can’t remember the spelling, see GP is already out of the window.) Speaking of GP, I should spend time reading for the sake of reading so I sound intelligent when I speak/blog/eat/sleep. The stack of newsweek still in the plastic is stacked so high my Dad who passes them to me every Tuesday asks me if they are very boring. Obviously. Other than the occassional article about some major disaster/terrorism it’s always the few boring stuff. I should have gotten Times instead. My favourite will still be reader’s digest with down-to-earth and close-to-heart articles. No big jargons or words or lines that makes me snort. Fine, that means I suck at language and am just immature. -.-

I feel like my exams have ended. It must be the long break ahead before the next few papers. I shall shall study tmr. I am really brain-drained for the day.


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