We should love this

By: Dave

Nov 08 2007

Category: Uncategorized


Ever thought of the days when you just dread public holidays? Me. Now. I bet we hate public holidays now cos everyone is enjoying the crap outta the day while we don’t really feel the excitement. It gets worse. My family is at home cos they don’t go out on Deepavali and so I’m distracted. I can’t study at all and I’ve accomplished nothing today. I feel like crap. We should love this? After the As, everyday’s a pubic holiday, a private holiday, whatever, it’s going to be le-gen-da-ry!! Haha! (I watched too much of How I met your Mother, I’m becoming like Barney) xo


4 comments on “We should love this”

  1. Helllo Dave!

    I noe this is kinda late, but jia you for ya A’s. U’ll miss study like how u re studying now after it’s over.

    Go Go Go!!
    Best of luck, to the remaining papers as well as to wadever’s completed n done wid.

  2. i want pancakes. lalalala

  3. Thank you crystal! It’s not too late! (:

  4. Shuyun that is very random and I don’t want pancakes la. I want a mountain of white choc. Let me drown in it. HAHAHA.

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