Can be such bastards. Ok this must be delicious to angsty young teens. But no. This isn’t an angsty young teen typing. This is a pissed-off A level student – almost the age of an adult in 2 years – yelling. Seriously. Parents can never understand you especially with this bloody generation gap. It doesn’t help when your parents didn’t go through the same crappy education we get today. Ok maybe not crappy but stressful. They don’t understand why locals are migrating for greener pastures, where the students actually go to school not drag themselves to school. I should aspire to be a hawker. They get so much bucks without acquiring much from books and school. Singapore is really crappy. Whatever we learn in Econs about inequity and resource misallocation, yea it’s here. And soon we’ll all be on strike like those taiwan uni students or was it China. We just sit and listen then be led by the nose. How far can we get please.

Ok this was supposed to be about parents. Anyway, if you have parents who screw around (screw around meaning behaving like kids, irrational and stubborn) with you even during this As period as if in disregard of your mental and emotional well-being, welcome aboard. ):



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